• Starts to work in less than
    3 minutes.
  • Treats the cause of virus infections to prevent the symptoms.
  • Use when in high risk virus environments such as public transport.
  • Or take at the first signs of a cold to nip it in the bud.
  • No known side effects and clinically proven.
  • Suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children from 3.

Further information.

Go further with Nasaleze Travel.
Recycled air on aeroplanes and trains can easily spread germs and leave us vulnerable to catching a virus. Nasaleze Travel is an extension of our Nasaleze Cold & Flu Blocker product, it has a more powerful formula and is designed for less frequent use, but gives maximum protection when you need it most.

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Are you a frequent flyer, pilot or cabin crew?

You should know that…

In a clinical in vitro study “Virucidal activity of Nasaleze Travel in cell cultures infected with pathogenic avian flu virus (H5N1)”1

“It was proven that Nasaleze Travel was capable of significantly reducing the production of the flu A/H5N1 virus by infected cells over a period of 72 hours from just a single daily dose”

“The data suggests that Nasaleze Travel could be used as a preventative measure and a treatment option for this persistent viral infection”

How to take Nasaleze.
3 easy steps.

  • Blow your nose to clear it.
  • Shake the bottle. Then remove the cap.
  • Squeeze the bottle, while gently inhaling. Aim for a 10 to 15cm spray.

1Hiltunen R, Josling P, James M. Preventing air-borne infections with an intra nasal cellulose powder. Advances in Therapy;24:6; 2007.

2Lvov DK, Deryabin PG. Virucidal activity of Nasaleze Travel in cell cultures infected with pathogenic avian flu virus (H5N1 ” conducted at the Ivanovsky State Scientific Research Institute of Virology at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow.