How Nasaleze works

Your nose is the primary route of infection and irritation for airborne viruses and allergens.

Nasaleze nasal sprays contain a patented cellulose powder, which is inhaled into the nostrils to provide protection against airborne irritants and germs.

  • The moisture in the nose turns the powder into a gel-like substance
  • This coats the sensitive lining of each nostril
  • A physical barrier is created, providing an extra layer of protection for the nasal cavity
  • Airborne allergens and pollution are prevented from reaching the sensitive lining of the nose (Allergy and PM products)
  • Airborne germs and viruses are trapped, absorbed and neutralised (Travel and Cold products)

The products can be used to help prevent symptoms from developing. For optimum protection, use two to three times throughout the day.

Using Nasaleze Play

How to USE Nasaleze

  • Blow your nose
  • Remove the cap and shake the bottle from side to side
  • Administer a test spray to gauge the pressure required for an ideal dose, which is a 10 to 15cm plume of powder
  • If you find the bottle too stiff to squeeze with one hand then use both hands
  • Once you are used to taking Nasaleze, the test spray is no longer needed
  • Place the nozzle of the bottle just inside the nose and apply 1 to 2 sprays into each nostril. Inhale gently while squeezing the bottle, but do not inhale deeply
  • Nasaleze should be taken 2 to 3 times per day. In addition, reapply each time you blow your nose

"Nasaleze products strengthen the nasal barrier, helping to filter out germs and dust and therefore preventing viruses and airborne infections from invading the body. It’s an addition to the body’s armoury against cold, flu and allergies."

Dr Ron Cutler, formerly principal lecturer in microbiology at Queen Mary University of London