We are proud of the difference our products can make. Below is a small selection of the many positive experiences that our customers have shared:


Nasaleze Allergy Blocker

"Instant relief from the awful nose tickle. I have suffered with hay fever for about the last 25 years. Itchy eyes, the kind you want to take out and rinse under the tap; the crazy itchy nose; the sneezing; the dry, itchy throat and the itchy skin which just makes everything uncomfortable. I have tried where possible to use natural remedies as I don't really like the idea of pumping myself full of medication every year. This blocker worked within 5 minutes of me using it - no joke. I couldn't believe it. I had a crazy itchy nose which just stopped and having used it every morning for the last 4 days it has continued to block any of the irritation I had before. This has meant that the sneezing has been kept to a minimum as well. Massive thumbs up for this - just wish I had it years ago!"


Nasaleze Allergy Blocker

"Easy to use and effective. I didn't start suffering from hay fever until the past few years, but now I really do struggle with it. I mainly suffer with stuffy nose and dry/sore throat, and as a headache sufferer the congestion leads to waking up with headaches every morning. Within a day or two of taking this my symptoms were almost gone and I haven't woken up or suffered a headache in almost a week now. This is such a relief as it means I can just get on with my day, working or looking after my daughter. I would always opt for natural solutions where possible, so this fits the bill for me. I like the menthol smell and the tingling sensation when it first goes into your nose, but for those who don't, you quickly get used to it and do not notice it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try a new way to ease their hay fever symptoms without having to medicate."


Nasaleze Children’s Allergy Blocker

"Game changer for small children! I’ve used this on my daughter now a total of 4 times, which for most may not seem like a lot but for my daughter this is incredible! She is 2 years old and hates anything close to or up her nose so honestly, I thought this wasn’t going to work. BUT! And I’ll not go as far as to say she loves it, however she does not fuss with me at all now when I need to use this. It has a nice strawberry scent to it which I feel helped with getting her to like it. Yet again, another Nasaleze product which I love!"


Nasaleze Cold & Flu Blocker

"Small and mighty virus catcher! I like this, it's a smaller bottle than other products, so good to keep in your bag. I like how its powder based and not liquid, longer shelf life and not as heavy. Decidedly effective, you can feel it doing its job! I think I'll by some for my daughters too."


Nasaleze Travel

"Fantastic for out and about use. I use the Nasaleze Travel alongside the Nasaleze Allergy sprays for when I am out and about and on the go. It's perfect at keeping allergy and cold symptoms at bay. The spray is a powder that does take some getting used to, but is more effective than the liquid sprays that I have used previously. Would highly recommend! Have already placed another order."


Nasaleze PM Shield

"Good product. Small bottle but it's a small puff of the bottle and inhale and hopefully the membrane in your nose is covered and harder for pollution to get into your system. Easy to use and tastes fine. No problems at all."