Protect your little ones with a great tasting, 100% natural and fast acting formula which is clinically proven to deliver fast acting protection from air borne allergens.

Nasaleze Children’s Allergy Blocker provides rapid protection by creating a natural barrier to shield the sensitive lining of your child’s nose.

Choose Nasaleze Children’s Allergy Blocker to prevent or treat the uncomfortable symptoms of hayfever with a strawberry flavoured solution they won’t forget to take!

Nasaleze Children’s Allergy Blocker is 100% natural, with no known side effects. It does not contain any drugs or other medication. 

Nasaleze Children’s Allergy Blocker is recommended 3 times per day, but can be used all day and as often as required. Suitable for children from 18 months (under supervision).

Nasaleze Children’s Allergy Blocker is a paediatrician recommended product

In the summer of 2010, Professor Nils Aberg from the The Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Sweden conducted a controlled study on the effects of Nasaleze at treating allergy symptoms in 53 children. Below is a statement he made to summarise the study results:


A fixed moderate dosage of the cellulose powder provided a significant reduction of hay fever symptoms in children despite high pollen counts. The absence of adverse effects, however, should enable dosage as needed depending on the pollen load to achieve and maintain complete symptom relief. This safe and convenient treatment option for the prevalent childhood affliction may well be combined with oral antihistamine, the most common OTC (over the counter) and prescription remedy.