Nasaleze products are fast acting, all natural powder sprays which are clinically proven to provide protection from hay fever and allergy symptoms and airborne germs and viruses.

Breathe easy with a Nasaleze. Antihistamine and steroid free solution that provides rapid protection, with no known side effects.

How does it work?

Nasaleze gets to work in minutes. Utilising a unique grade of cellulose powder, Nasaleze creates a barrier between airborne allergens and the sensitive lining of the nose to defend against hay fever.

Who is it for?

This revolutionary approach to allergy management means Nasaleze is safe for everyone, including children from 36 months (under supervision), pregnant or breastfeeding women, and sufferers using a combination of medication.

Why a powder?

Many symptoms of cold and flu, hay fever and other allergies are caused by airborne germs and allergens. As they are absorbed into the sensitive lining of the nose, your body releases an immune response. This can result in uncomfortable symptoms.

Nasaleze’s unique cellulose powder forms a protective gel that lines the sensitive nasal membrane and creates a natural barrier, which resists diffusion of allergens for a number of hours.

How is it used?

Nasaleze delivers a fine mist of protective powder directly to the nasal lining. It can be used to relieve symptoms as soon as they appear, or as a preventative measure when airborne germs and allergens are likely to be present.

Use Nasaleze three times per day, or as often as required, for natural all-day relief.