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Nasaleze Allergy


What is Nasaleze Allergy: The key points

Natural prevention of allergy symptoms from
hay fever, dust mites and animal dander.

  • Natural and safe
  • Drug free
  • Non habit forming
  • Works in minutes
  • Non drowsy
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • Safe for children
  • Upto 30-day supply (200 doses)

How Nasaleze works

Nasaleze is an inert proprietary grade of micronized cellulose powder that delivers fast, effective protection against hay fever, dust mites and animal dander by means of a novel, patented method that ensures delivery of an effective dose via the nasal cavity. Nasaleze reduces the need to take rescue medication for the symptoms of hay fever dust mites and animal dander.

By acting as a barrier to airborne allergens, Nasaleze stops the cause of allergies that are inhaled through your nose rather than just treating the symptoms. Nasaleze is a new unique, natural product that works with the body's own defense mechanism to strengthen resistance to airborne allergens such as pollen, dust mites and animal dander.

When the bottle is squeezed, air forces Nasaleze powder up the hollow tube Nasaleze can be used successfully to relieve the most chronic symptoms reported by allergy sufferers wherein subjective assessment of the activity of Nasaleze is on average, higher than all the pharmaceutical alternatives. Studies have demonstrated that Nasaleze substantially improves the rate of Nasal Mucous Clearance and PNIFR (Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow Rate) and significantly reduces the need for rescue medication.

Nasaleze is classified as a medical device and is composed of fine particles of inert cellulose that are applied to the inside of the nose via a unique delivery system.